Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cat Sneezing Information Site Launches

T3 Marketing, LLC an Internet marketing company based out of Virginia, has announced that they are launching a new information website that will feature selected content, which addresses the puzzling behavior of cats who engage in frequent episodes of sneezing. This new website can be found at

“The goal of this website is to provide concerned cat owners the convenience of being able to find the information they need, to become more familiar with the most common health issues that relate directly to the symptomatic behavior of frequent or severe sneezing,” said Harry Monell, founder.

Monell also wanted to point out that his company is not affiliated with any of the Google advertisers that might appear on the website. The ads are there to help direct interested consumers toward companies that do offer products, programs or solutions to the important issues that relate to responsible pet ownership.

Cat Sneezing is a website that plans to feature a variety of articles, the content of which will focus on a number of health related issues that center around the symptomatic behavior of sneezing, and its relationship to some of the more serious health problems that may require immediate medical intervention.

“Without question, it becomes both frightening and frustrating for cat owners, who aren’t familiar with their cats persistent sneezing, to try and understand whether or not the behavior indicates a health issue demanding medical attention,” added Monell. “Cat sneezing could be due to a foreign substance or irritation in the nasal passage or it might indicate a more serious upper respiratory symptom. It's important to understand the potential risks of ignoring the behavior.”

For more important information about how cat sneezing may indicate potentially serious health problems visit